About Us
Post Haste handles list
management, addressing and
mailing for hundreds of businesses, organizations, institutions
and state, county and
city agencies...

What Our Clients Say:





  HIGH SPEED INKJET ADDRESSING: Post Haste offers several high-speed
addressing alternatives. Whether you have millions of postcards or just a few
hundred pieces, we have the solution that’s just right for you.
  INSERTING: With a variety of equipment from several different manufacturers,
we can handle your most complex inserting jobs up to 8 inserts.
  FOLDING: With our experienced team of operators, you’re guaranteed fast turnaround and a professional look every time.
  LIVE STAMPING/WAFER SEALING: We offer high speed stamping and
wafer sealing that runs in line with all of our addressing equipment.
  POLYBAGGING: With one of the only automated, high speed pieces of
equipment in our market, Post Haste is your solution for polybagging.
  SNAP-PAKS: If you are in the financial or mortgage industry you probably
already know how valuable a tool Snap-Paks can be. No matter how complex,
color or black and white, we have a solution to fit your budget.
  MATCH MAILINGS: From 2-way matches to blind matches or more complex
matching such as invoicing, we can create a custom solution for you.
  FULFILLMENT: From “pick and pack” to high volume shipping, our
experience and knowledge ensures your materials will be delivered on time.
  DOMESTIC & INTL LOGISTICS: With over 100 years of combined experience
in both domestic and International logistics, we can track it and get it
there on time whatever “it” is -- for less than you’d imagine.