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Post Haste handles list
management, addressing and
mailing for hundreds of businesses, organizations, institutions
and state, county and
city agencies...


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LIST PURCHASING: Our relationship with several data suppliers allows us to “build” you a list based on virtually any demographic as well as by location or even by the radius from an address. Build your own mailing list by clicking the “Purchase a List” tab above or contact us for assistance.

NCOA (National Change of Address): Post Haste Mailing complies with USPS regulations
by matching your database against the Postal Service’s NOCA database to
ensure accurate delivery.

DUPLICATE REMOVAL: Removing duplicates from your mailing lists can provide substantial savings. The true cost of mailing duplicate pieces is only realized when you add up the cost of printing, postage and labor of each piece. Factor in the number of pieces and years you have been mailing to duplicate addresses. Watch your costs go down while your response rates go up.

MAIL TRACKING: Post Haste offers affordable solutions for tracking your mail from the post office to the intended recipients.

BILLING SOLUTIONS: Contact our data team for custom solutions for your billing/invoicing needs.

EMAIL DISTRIBUTION: We have the technology and resources to handle every aspect of distribution of your email newsletter or promo – layout tracking, delivery confirmation, opt out and more.

PURLS: (Personalized URLs) allow potential customers to log onto your website using a unique user ID and password. Purls can be used to track response to your direct mail campaigns, direct traffic to your website and launch follow-up mailings.